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Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure which of the account types are right for you? Here are some commonly asked questions that might help you when considering GoGoWorx for your Knowledge Management solution.

Feel free to browse our comprehensive online documentation, or contact us if you have any questions.

Help Finding Information Online?

How many times have you scratched your head trying to find some important information you know is around? How many times do your customers ask the same thing, and how many of them feel strongly enough to ask? What happens to those that don’t? Our goal is to help you leverage the full potential of your knowledge, linked to a powerful lexical search that allows you and your customers find what you’re looking for instantly.

Why Knowledge Management Is So Necessary?

Knowledge Management is key to getting the full potential from your company’s knowledge, whether that knowledge is in your team’s heads, in whitepapers, API documentation, or sticky notes. Without order there is chaos, so bring order to your knowledge and let it grow, while dramatically improving productivity

Do I Need To Install Anything?

No, there’s nothing to install or maintain – GoGoWorx services are fully hosted and managed in the cloud, with multiple backups and redundancies to ensure no data loss, as well as providing you maximum performance.

How To Get Started?

Getting started is easy. Sign up for one of our free 30-day trials with no credit card needed. You just need an email address to confirm it’s you, then you can start creating and publishing content within minutes. Try out all of our features during the trial period, then choose which version you prefer. Couldn’t be easier, right?

What if I Don't Like It?

We’d be surprised if you didn’t, but if you don’t, we’d love to hear why, and we’ll never pressure you. Since there’s a free 30-day trial and after that you can cancel at any time, we’re offering you the flexibility to decide. We hope you love it – we do!

How Secure Is It?

All of your file data is stored in a secure S3 environment and our databases live inside Amazon’s RDS, so you can rest easy. Our credit card processing is handled securely by Stripe.com and we don’t store any credit card information on any of our systems. We will never sell your information – we owe you our trust, and that means something to us.

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"Where there is shouting, there is no true knowledge."

– Leonardo da Vinci

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