API Gateway

Automate your business workflows using our API Gateway.

Access and manage your knowledge base content from your applications or scripts using our powerful cloud interface.

Secure Authentication

Intuitive Configuration

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API Gateway


Why Use API Gateway

API Gateway

Safe & Secure

Access to our API Gateway is fully secured using state-of-the-art authorization and authentication. You control all aspects of access including which endpoints can be reached and by whom.

API Gateway

Fully Configurable

You control which API Endpoints can be accessed as well as which operations may be performed on each one, allowing fine control over which applications can create content and which can modify or simply read it.

API Gateway

API Usage Statistics

Monitor which applications are accessing your APIs over time and view graphical usage statistics on each API Key you define. API Keys can be created for different levels of access or for different applications or scripts you choose to interface with.

API Gateway

Cloud-based Connectivity

Our API Gateway is hosted in the cloud for optimal service availability whenever and wherever you need it

API Gateway

Create and upload content

Gather new content from wherever you need using a fully automated workflow

API Gateway

RESTful Interface

Leverage many scripting and programming languages using the latest web standards

API Gateway


Control authentication with advanced API Keys tied to your account

API Gateway

Track Usage

Monitor and track which API Keys are making automated requests over time

API Gateway

Automatic Storage Replication

Files and information are automatically replicated to prevent data loss


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I control what different applications can access?

Absolutely. Using API Keys that you define within the application, you have total control over what each API Key can access, both in terms of which API Endpoints as well as operations (Read, Write, etc.) they can perform

What if one of my keys is leaked?

Someone would need access to your account information in addition to learning an API Key’s identity, however if there is ever any doubt about whether someone exposed an API Key, or if you want to revoke a key for any other reason, you can simply delete it and replace it with another as needed.

How long will it take to interface to your API Gateway?

We’ve designed our API Gateway with our users in mind, so setting up authentication and connecting is very straightforward. Our examples make testing a breeze, so even developers without much cloud API experience can get up and running within an hour or so if they review our online knowledge base documentation.

Who controls access to the API Gateway?

Account admins are the only users that can create and assign API Keys, so they have complete control over how these are distributed

How difficult is your API Gateway to use?

Not difficult at all. We have examples for calling all of our API Endpoints using the curl command line tool, which is commonly used when testing. Also, since our APIs are designed with compatibility in mind, many automated systems are able to interface with minimal effort to the RESTful service.

What kinds of things can the API do for me?

Our APIs are designed to be flexible enough to interface with your applications or automation systems to help with your overall knowledge management solution. You can automate many tasks using the APIs, such as fetching an article’s contents to embed on one of your other web pages, or you can update article content based on your social media feeds if you like. The possibilities are unlimited, and we continue to add new functionality as we extend our service capabilities over time 

Want to find out more?

Look through our online documentation to discover more about our API Gateway and all of the other features. Find out how you can improve your team’s Knowledge Management

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